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This is a blog about?

You won’t see anything about politics, health care reform, or the economy on this blog.  A lot of people can do that a whole lot better than I can.  This is a blog full of things to brighten your day a little bit.  It’s not meant to help you discover the meaning of life or self-fulfillment, but I hope readers will consider this as their one-stop shop for a daily dose of happiness.  I’ll post things I think are interesting, uplifting stories, jokes, riddles, funky words, and a grab bag of other things with an emphasis on the light-hearted and positive.

Why Bright Calliope?

A couple of years ago, an acquaintance asked me for the name of “that weird instrument that they play at the circus.”  I had to do a bit of mental dredging myself, but after a moment I remembered the calliope.  And I smiled.  I realized then that I really like calliopes.  I like the toot-toot of steam through the pipes.  I like the festive, silly atmosphere they conjure.  Maybe most of all, I really love the sound of the word.  Kuh-lie-oh-pee.  Beautiful, whimsical, weird.   And if all that isn’t enough, there’s also the Greek Muse to think of; nothing wrong with a bit of inspiration whether you’re writing epic poetry or blogging not-so-epic prose.

In short, every time I hear a calliope, or even just the word calliope, it makes me a little happier than I was a moment before.  It’s one of any number of little things that make my world a brighter place.  This is a blog about simple happies.  It’ll be busy and bright and a little nutty and occasionally educational.  If it makes a rotten day a little less rotten, I’ll post it here.  So whether you’re working on your fourth load of dirty laundry or you just flunked the fourth grade, stop by for a while.  I’ll see what I can do to make you smile.

So my only question is this:  What’s your calliope?

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